The I Team reviewed the cases and police video of recently

NASHVILLE, TN A Channel 4 I Team investigation found people who have taken medicine either prescribed by a doctor or in the range, got behind the wheel and were charged and convicted of DUI.Assistant District Attorney Jack Arnold said many drivers are surprised to learn taking a certain medication in the prescribed dose is not a defense in a DUI charge.”I think there is a percentage of defendants who are absolutely surprised and surprised to find themselves charged with a DUI, Arnold said.The I Team reviewed the cases and police video of recently convicted DUI offenders and found drivers surprised that their medications caused their arrests.Sandra Tyler, 52, knows that reality all too well.The body camera video of a deputy in Dickson County in 2014 shows him speaking with Tyler after she crashed her vehicle into a ditch.”Your voice is pretty sluggish and you’re moving pretty slow,” the officer observed on the video.When he asks her to list all the medication she takes, she struggled to recall them all.Tyler was later convicted of DUI.She won discuss the accident or her DUI conviction, but she would talk about why she takes all the pain medicine.”My pain is excruciating, Tyler said of her degenerative disc problems.”Do you remember any doctor telling you, alright Sandra, you’ve taken all this medicine, do not drive? asked chief investigative reporter Jeremy Finley.”No Canada Goose Jackets, my pain clinic doctor never told me that,” Tyler said.Arnold said as a DUI prosecutor, he hears defendants attorneys often say that their clients had no idea that the medicine could result in a DUI.”Are you hearing from the people who have caused these accidents, hey, I only doing what my doctor told me to do?” Finley asked.”I am absolutely hearing that, Arnold said.The I Team obtained another video of the arrest of Mary Chauvin, 55, who told the officer that she did take prescribed medication.After she fails the sobriety test, Chauvin is can’t do this. I’ve got to go get my little girl. I don’t drink, Chauvin can be heard saying during her’re under the influence of medication, the officer responded.When contacted by the I Team by phone, Chauvin said she takes medication for pain, and even though she was convicted of DUI, she did not feel that her medication caused her to be driving impaired.Arnold said he seen so many cases of people taking their medications and getting DUIs that he believes the very labels on certain medicine should change.”It’s (the labels) are a lot of It’s a lot of caution.

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